Yamamoto set fastest final Super Formula tesintg.

Honda expect great season?
Final pre season testing held at Okayama international circuit.
19 regular driver and Hideki Mutoh drives Honda test car with ADVAN lively.
And new Brembo’s carbon brake material introduce from this testing.
Stoffel Vandoorne only contest Day1 due to crash schedule with F1 Bahrain GP.
・Day1 (Session1 and 2)
Day1 is full dry condition. They allow 6 new sets slick tyre and 2 used tyre from Suzuka testing.
On session 1, It was quite rough. Because red flag posted 5 times.
From an early stage, Honda ace Naoki Yamamoto (Team Mugen) into 13 second stand.Then each driver to record a good time.
Andre Lotterer (VANTELIN Team TOM’s) goes top, but J.P.Oliveira (ITOCHU ENEX Team IMPUL) takes fastest session 1.

In Afternoon session, they start to try race lap simulation. Unlike in the morning, no red flag and accident.
After 1hour of session, they rush to the qualifying simulation. In such situation,  Naoki Yamamoto only into 12 second stand. And anyone can’t beat this time.
So Yamamoto fastest Day1 O/A.
・Day2 (Session3 and 4)
Rainy day for second day of testing. Each driver sets wet tyre for this session. But this session was so rough. Yokohama ADVAN wet tyre has been a concern on wet condition than Bridgestone. So red flag posted 9 times on morning session.
Mid of session was weakened passing shower, Hiroaki Ishiura (P.MU/Cermo・Inging) sets dominate fastest with 1:31.038.
Ishiura faster than other driver 4 second. It seems to try tests different spec tyre and program.
ImageImage (1)
In Afternoon session. They try to wet tyre testing program. But gradually began to dry road surface, and Andre Lotterer sets slick tyre. Lotterer break 20 secon stand with slick tyre. So they follow and switch slick from wet tyre.
In the last 5 minutes, like a real qualifying session.In such situation, Kazuki Nakajima (VANTELIN Team TOM’s) sets 1:13.368. His team mate and WEC rival Andre Lotterer follow 2nd. So TOM’s guys dominate Day2.
Finally Yamamoto gets overall fastest this testing. So Honda engine user fastest both pre season testing. It will be great for Super Formula.
And super rookie Stoffel Vandoorne shows good ability to adapt. His first Okayama run. but Vandoonre sets 4th fastest overall. He is not only F1 test driver, because GP debut for Bahrain GP.

Results Day1
Results Day2





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