Busy and great week for Vandoorne

Real young star
Stoffel Vandoorne’s busy week start from Super Formula testing.
Vandoorne goes to Japan Tuesday. And start testing from Thursday.
This testing is held at Okayama international circuit last time before opening race.
His first time run at Okayama. Vandoorne struggled some crash latest Suzuka testing. But this time Vandoorne showed same level running even for Super Formula top drivers.
Finally ended 4th o/a Super Formula testing Day1.
Testing is 2day scheduled, but Vandoorne contests only Day1 due to his Mclaren F1 reserve role. Originally completed in the first day, it was scheduled for Bahrain. But it was not only reserve role. Because Mclaren regular Fernando Alonso didn’t pass medical check, so Mclaren decide appointment to Vandoorne replace to Alonso.
Then Vandoorne goes from Okayama to Haneda airport→via Dubai →Bahrain.
He began the weekend as the F1 drivers in Bahrain from there.  FP1 18th, FP2 11th, FP3 14th.
In qualifying session, Vandoorne shows an amazing run out qualifying to his team mate and former World champion Jenson Button.
In race session, Vandoorne show a smooth ride to avoid the confusion. But team mate Jenson Button has retired due to ERS trouble.
On the other hands, Vandoorne solid and expand the aggressive race. Everyone do not think for the first time ride machine.
Finally Stoffel Vandoorne takes first ever F1 point his debut race. To earn points in the debut race of the spot participation is since Sebastian Vettel (BMW-Sauber 2007).

It became a sudden debut for him, but good timing and  very good simulation of Super Formula testing for him.
He definitely will be next generation F1 star. So we are Japanese Motorsports fans can not wait from now his Super Formula outing this year.
Super Formula is almost only pure racing with great Formula car. It will be able to experience the various things that can not be experienced in the junior category.



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