Pre race view of Super GT Okayama part1

Welcome new seasons!

2016 Autobacks Super GT series kick off at Okayama international circuit this weekend.
It summarizes the season point of interest before the race.

Super GT GT500 cars is the fastest GT car around the world.
No changes number of entry. But some changes driver and team.
Former Blancpain GT champion Katsumasa Chiyo back to Japan and joins GT500 filed with S-Road Mola alongside Nissan legends Satoshi Motoyama.
2015 All Japanese F3 champion Nick Cassidy step up from F3 to GT500 with same Team TOM’s. Cassidy will contests GT500 and FIA F3 with Prema Power this year.
GTA order to ban aero upgrade for this year. So 3 manufacturer focus development engine and tyre war.
Especially Honda decide without hybrid system for NSX Concept GT this year.
Lighten than last year NSX, but no advantage on straight speed due to no hybrid.
And continue tyre war. Michelin dominate recently GT500(2011,2012,2014,2015). But Bridgestone. Yokohama, Dunlop chase for the title.
・Team and driver
No big changes each driver lineup.
But big things for Lexus. Mr. Super GT Juichi Wakisaka retire from Super GT. And become team director of Team LeMans.
Wako’s Team LeMans appointment Italian Andrea Caldarelli from TOM’s. On the other hand TOM’s changes combination. Former #36 driver James Rositter joins #37 KeePer TOM’s with Toyota young hope Ryo Hirakawa. #36 au TOM’s pick up F3 champ Nick Cassidy.
Former Team LeMans Yuji Kunimoto replace retirement Juichi Wakisaka for WedsSports Bandoh.
Strongest lineup continue for ZENT Cermo. Most wins of GT500 Yuji Tachikawa and 2015 Super Formula champ Hiroaki Ishiura.
Nissan Nismo choose Blancpain GT champ Katsumasa Chiyo joins S-Road Mola. 2 time champion Tsugio Matsuda and Ronie Quintarelli continue to success.
Honda guys swap Takashi Kogure and Hideki Mutoh. Real Racing lines double ace Kogure and Tsukakoshi.
・New sponsor and lively
Big crisis for Motorsports due to trouble petrol industry. So Japanese top petrol makes ENEOS and Malaysian top makes PETRONAS withdrew from GT500 sponsored.
But GT500 team gets new sponsor. Team LeMans gets oil makes WAKO’s.
And TOM’s gets Japanese biggest mobile carrier KDDI au.
au return to GT500 since 2004.

Full entrylist of GT500


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