Pre race view of Super GT Okayama part2

Most exciting sportscar lineup

New era for GT300 class this season. New GT3 cars and more development JAF-GT cars.
And great new driver.
[GT3 cars]
・GT-R NISMO GT3 (4 cars)
2015 year is GT-R’s year. #10 Gainer gets title.
Gainer driver Katsumasa Chiyo step up to GT500. So Ryuichiro Tomita gets full time drive for Gainer with champion Andre Couto.
B-MAX Racing appointment GT Academy driver Jan Mardenborough replace to Mitsunori Takaboshi (who contests Blancpain series).
・Huracan GT3 (4 cars)
Lamborghini bring newest GT3 Huracan for GT300 this year. Long time Lamborghini user JLOC sets 2 Huracan. And Direction Racing become Lamborghini top customer with Scuadra Corse. Lamborghini factory driver Adrian Zaugg and former Formula Nippon runner Kei Cozzolino joins.
・AMG GT3 (4 cars)
Always strong in GT300, Team Gainer introduce AMG GT3 with Katsuyuki Hiranaka and ELMS chmap Bjorn Wirdheim. 2011 champion GSR Hatsune Miku continue Mercedes team. Rn-Sport gets Evangelion racing lively.
・M6 GT3 (2 cars)
Team Studie changes name BMW Team Studie. It is next step from BMW Sport Trophy.
And big news for ARTA #55. Due to CR-Z GT retire from GT300, ARTA decide introduce M6 GT3. Because main sponsor Autobacks deployment BMW dealer.
・R8 LMS (2 cars)
Audi Team Hitotsuyama use new R8 and Dunlop tyre. No changes driver lineup Tomonobu Fujii and Richard Lyons. New team Audi Team Braille. But they not contests Rd.1 due to supply of the machine is too late.
And surprise new team is Team TAISAN SARD. 2 legendary joins force for GT300 class. Former LeMans 24h racer Shinji Nakano joins TAISAN SARD.
Team use old R8 LMS Ultra.
・911 GT3R (2 cars)
After disappointment latest a few years for Porsche. At last Porsche introduce new gen 911 GT3R this year.
Long time Porsche user KTR gets more strong effort from Porsche. Factory driver Jorg Bergmeister enter full Super GT program.
Pacific Racing gets new partnership with Gulf Racing Japan.

・RC F GT3 (1 car)
Still not gets official homologation of GT3 for RC F. So can not be carried out big development. It would be painful even this year.

・488 GT3 (1 car)
LM corsa introduce all new Ferrari 488 GT3. Will come the result is changed depending on whether receive how much of the support.

[JAF-GT cars]
・Prius GT (2 cars)
New gen Prius GT coming. apr sets 2 Prius for GT300. Some different 2 cars of hybrid and tyre, #30 has battery and Yokohama tyre. #31 has capacitor and Bridgestone.
・Mother chassis based (3 cars)
Vivac Team Tsuschiya and UP Garage Bandoh and Mach Goh user GT86 body. Cars tokai team continue unique midship Lotus Evora.

・BRZ GT300 (1 car)
Subaru and R&D sports spend difficult last year. More development for this year.

Full entrylist of GT300



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