Yamashita continue dominate F3 test.

Third time’s the charm for Yamashita?
Final pre season testing held at Suzuka circuit.
16 drivers enter this testing.  Katsumasa Chiyo and Jan Mardenborough moves after Super GT Rd.1.
Also 4 hours session time is provided.
3rd year running for Japanese F3 Kenta Yamashita (ZENT Team TOM’s) sets fastest both morning and afternoon session.
Yamashita beat the last years Rd.1 pole position time. And dominate testing session.
GT500 runner Daiki Sasaki (B-MAX NDDP) is 2nd overall. Sasaki will enter opening 2 round with B-MAX NDDP. 3rd is fantastic debut at Super GT GT500 last weekend Katsumasa Chiyo (B-MAX NDDP).
Top of rookie, FIA-F4 Japan champion Sho Tsuboi (ZENT Team TOM’s) is 4th.
GT Academy gradate Jan Mardenborough (B-MAX NDDP) is 5th.
Honda guys confirm driver and team placement.
Keishi Ishikawa and 2nd of 2015 FIA-F4 Japan Tadasuke Makino lines Toda Racing.
3rd of 2015 FIA-F4 Japan Hiroki Otsu and 16 years old FIA-F4 combine Sena Sakaguchi lines HFDP Racing.

After the latest testing, there is no significant difference between VW and Japanese enigne, such as seen in Macau.




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