GTA decide to held 2 race at Motegi replace to Autopolis

New race format for final round
Super GT 2016 season had been scheduled 8 event. But Rd.3 Autopolis round has cancelled due to huge earthquake on Kumamoto area.
Autopolis circuit was damaged by the earthquake. Especially, facilities of the circuit and road surface. So it takes time until the reconstruction.

Today, GTA (Super GT organizer) announces new race format for final round of Motegi.
To add another race for Motegi. So 2 race in same weekend.
November, 11 Free Practice
November, 12 Qualifying for race 1 and race 1 (replacement of Rd.3 Autopolis)
November, 13 Qualifying Rd,8 and race Rd.8

・Weight handy rule
In race 1 is reflected before Rd.7 point by 1kg. Rd.8 is no weight handy.
More detail will announce soon.

Official announcement (Japanese)


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