Ishiura takes pole to win early finish due to red flag

Disappointment race in Okayama

After the cloudy qualifying, rain fall race day.
・Qualifying report
2015 defending champion Hiroaki Ishiura (P.MU/Cermo・Inging) takes pole position 2 consecutive year.
2nd is J.P.Oliveira (ITOCHU ENEX Team IMPUL), 3rd is Koudai Tsukakoshi (Real Racing).
Many surprised results for another strong member. VANTELIN Team TOM’s guys Andre Lotterer and Kazuki Nakajima both knock out from Q2.
Stoffel Vandoorn (Docomo Team Dandelion) finish 16th due to gearbox issue.
Kamui Kobayashi (SUNOCO Team LeMans) struggle QF pace and 17th.

Strong rain fall start before Super Formula race. Many driver said, so difficult condition even warm up run.
In such situation, race start under SC run.
But rain was gradually strong more than start. Some driver to enter the pit after lap2, and re fuel. So that driver could finish the race without another pit stop.
Lap6, 2nd position J.P.Oliveira stop at Red Man’s Corner due to mechanical issue.
Since then race continue with SC run, but rain was not weakened.
So red flag shows lap9.
After the red flag, race director and team member decide to not restart this race. Because too bad weather and condition. And not working Yokohama wet fully.

In Super Formula sporting regulation, race is establish in the two laps. But it does not reach the 75% of the race, gives driver to half point.
r007 (1)
Finally Hiroaki Ishiura (P.MU/Cermo・Inging) takes pole to wins at Okayama.
Great results for Real Racing guys. Koudai Tsukakoshi is 2nd who return to podium sport since 2012. And team mate Takuya Izawa finish 3rd.
It is first time double podium for Real Racing. 4th is Tomoki Nojiri (Docomo Team Dandelion), 5th is point leader Naoki Yamamoto (Team Mugen).

・Worry about Yokohama wet tyre
Rd.2 is so bad weather and condition. But concern to the wet tyre. In winter testing, driver says to worry about the wet tyre performance.
Slick tyre is good performance, but Yokohama should try to evolve wet tyre.

Next race is Fuji


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