Super Formula drivers tests new Soft ADAVN Tyre.

Will be good effect?
JRP (Super Formula organizer) decide to introduce softer compound tyre for Rd.4 Motegi. From before, JRP plan to introduce 2 specs tyre for each one race like a F1 and Indycar.

And new tyre supplier Yokohama approval this plan.

JRP choose first track of new soft tyre for Twinring Motegi.
Because Motegi is one of the most difficult to ovetake in Japanese circuit. Less likely to overtake occurs at Motegi last few years, so It is a great circuit to see the performance of the soft tyre.
Next day of Rd.3 Fuji. All 19 driver and team meets first time race spec soft tyre.
And 2016 Ver.2 Engine.
Daisuke Nakajima (huge crashed at warm up session) use Honda test car#05.
4 hours session AM and PM. 2 sets of new soft tyre for each driver.
Main theme is testing soft tyre, but many driver try to test improvement of the base setting.
Hiroaki Ishiura (P.MU Cermo・Inging) sets fastest morning session.
After the morning session, shower falls Fuji. So a little wet condition for starting of afternoon session.
Least 8 min, they try to qualifying simulation. Finally Rd.3 winner J.P.Oliveira (ITOCHU ENEX Team IMPUL) sets oveall fastest. Honda ace Naoki Yamamoto (Team MUGEN) is 2nd.
Drivers says feeling about Soft tyre
”Soft tyre has more grip than medium tyre. But other point has not big difference between medium tyre about tyre characteristics and durability”.

・Naoki Yamamoto
”Around 1 second faster than medium tyre. No big difference of balance from medium, but quickly simply”.

・Hiroaki Ishiura
”Maybe almost same construction of medium and soft tyre. So I think that there is no difference in the direction of the setting.



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