Super Formula Motegi preview:New tyre and weather

Summer battle has begin.

Super Formula Rd.4 Motegi coming this weekend.Many changes for machine from Rd.3.
・New Soft tyre
Yokohama tyre introduce F1 style 2 specs tyre. 2016 main tyre called Medium tyre, new softer tyre called Soft tyre.
And Yokohama bringing new Wet tyre.
They can use 2 sets Soft tyre this weekend. Other than that 4 sets Medium (2 new and 2 old).

In Fuji testing Soft tyre faster than Medium tyre around 1 second. So important to use Soft tyre on Qualifying session Q1 to Q3 and race.
・2016 ver.2 engine
Since 2014 season, Rd.4 Motegi is stage of the one-time version up engine introduced in season. Toyota and Honda bringing 2016 ver.2 engine.
Especially Honda ‘s new engine is expected, because shows good performance at latest Super GT Fuji with new engine.

・New brake material
This season JRP introduce new brake material. But it cause some problem.
So JRP decide to change manufacturer from Brembo to Hitoko.
・New livery for Nakajima Racing
Nakajima Racing wears new green based livery with new title sponsor.

・The weather can not be predicted
By the approach of a typhoon, rough weather is expected. Yesterday Qualifying will be rain.
・Friday practice
1 hours practice session held at Motegi today. Almost driver try to check set up, but no one use new Soft tyre.
In least 20 min, some rain fall. Fortunately soon dry because high road temperature.
Finally Rd.3 winner J.P.Oliveira (ITOCHU ENEX Team IMPUL) sets fastest.


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