2017 Super Formula schedule has release

Hope to go another country
JRP has announced 2017 Japesese Super Formula championship schedule.
No big different from 2016 schedule. But Autopolis comeback Super Formula after huge earthquake Kumamoto.
All 7 round, 8 race (Rd.7 JAF Suzuka GP will host 2 race).

Rd.1 Suzuka circuit            April 15-16
Rd.2 Okayama international circuit    May 27-28
Rd.3 Fuji Speedway           July 15-16
Rd.4 Twin Ring Motegi          August 19-20
Rd.5 Autopolis             September 9-10
Rd.6 Sportsland SUGO         September 23-24
Rd.7 JAF Suzuka GP           November 4-5

And JRP reveal about plan to race aboard.
JRP president Kurashita says ”We Launched a project team of race aboard”.
So far Super Formula thinks race in Asia area. But now are considering without regard to Asia. And JRP thinking as a target,  (Broadcasting in F1 and understanding in motor sports)、(Of drivers that competed in the Super Formula country).
In the past there has been held plan in Singapore of the new circuit. And in 2013 Super Formula was supposed to be held Korean round in Inje.
But both race will not happen for variety of reasons.
Kurashita continue says significance of the race aboard ” Super Formula is not step-up category. And Not even F1 even Indycar. So it is required for the status improvement of Super Formula”.
JRP going to plan to aim to hold in the next five years.




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