Rd.14 , 15 Okayama: Yamashita close to Mardenborough for title race

The road to the title is tough

Japanese F3 Rd.14 and 15 held with Super Formula support race.
Following the previous round, Katsumasa Chiyo (B-MAX NDDP) miss the race due to hurt. Mitsunori Takaboshi replace to Chiyo Okayama Rd.
In qualifying session, Kenta Yamashita (Team TOM’s) gets 4th pole position this season.
2nd is Mitsunori Takaboshi (B-MAX NDDP). 3rd is Sho Tsuboi (Team TOM’s).
In Race, Pole man Kenta Yamashita makes good start and keeps top.
Takaboshi following 2nd. Point leader Jan Mardenborough (B-MAX NDDP) up to 5th to 4th.
Yamashita try to lead the gap from Takaboshi. But after the middle stage, Takaboshi close to the gap within one second.
Nevertheless, Yamashita protect his position.
So Kenta Yamashita (Team TOM’s) takes pole to wins and sets fastest lap!
Mitsunori Takaboshi (B-MAX NDDP) is 2nd, Sho Tsuboi (Team TOM’s) is 3rd.
Results and report

Local man Yoshiaki Katayama (Peti LM racing) wins N-class.
In qualifying session, trouble for Mardenborough. He is first man to try to set time.
But off to final turn. In addition Mardenborough suffers mechanical problem and start last grid. His team mate Mitsunori Takaboshi takes pole. Tadasuke Makino (Toda Racing), 3rd is best grid for teenager Sena Sakaguchi (HFDP Racing).

In Race, Takaboshi makes hole shot. 3rd start Sena Sakaguchi pass Tadasuke Makino.
Chinese man Ye Hongli (KRC with B-Max) goes 5th pass to Kenta Yamashita.
Tail start Jan Mardenborough up to 10th after lap 1. And continue overtaking coming up 8th.
Top man Takaboshi runs trouble free and comfortable lead from 2nd. Close battle at 2nd Sakaguchi vs Makino vs Tsuboi.
In addition Yamashita pass Ye Hongli lap 18. Then Yamashita try to catch up 2nd battle.

Finally Mitsunori Takaboshi (B-MAX NDDP) takes 3rd win of this season.
Impressive first podium for youngest Honda protege Sena Sakaguchi (HFDP Racing). His podium is new record of youngest podium finish in Japanese F3 history (17 years old).
3rd is home podium for his team Makino Tadasuke (Toda Racing).
Point leader Jan Mardenborough (B-MAX NDDP) finish 8th and no point of this race.
・Title race
Kenta Yamashita (Team TOM’s) close to point leader Jan Mardenborough (B-MAX NDDP) difference in 8 points. And 2015 FIA-F4 champ Sho Tsuboi (Team TOM’s) still has title chance between 17 point from leader.
Next event is final round of SUGO. But held 3 race in SUGO weekend. So able to gets maximum 36 points.




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