Tadasuke Makino makes surprised debut GT500

It’s worth to remember
Ryo Michigami leading Drago Modulo Honda Racing announced changes driver.
Mclaren development driver Oliver Turvey part ways from Drago Modulo due to crash schedule with Formula E.
So Turvey will rocus on Formula E challenge.
For that reason Drago Modulo new appointment from Japanese F3 driver Tadasuke Makino least 3 race.
Makino is 2014 FIA-F4 vise champion and this year compete to Japanese F3. And Makino was debut in Super GT GT300 at Suzuka 1000km with Cars Tokai Lotus Evora MC.
That time Makino score circuit record.

His GT500 debut race is Rd.7 Thailand. It is first time run GT500 and Buriram international circuit.



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