B-MAX Racing will enter the Super Formula 2017 season

New team new story
Before 1 Day 2016 Rd.7 JAF Suzuka GP, big news coming.
Japanese F3 and GT300 competitor B-MAX Racing Team announces to enter Super Formula 2017 season.
B-MAX Racing doing a variety of activities. In Formula racing, (JAF-F4, FIA-F4 Japan, Japanese F3). In GT’s,( Super GT GT300, Inter Proto).
Especially good results in F3. In 2011, Yuhi Sekiguchi (now IMPUL Super Formula driver) crown F3 title with rookie year for B-MAX Racing.
And B-MAX will expand to Macau GP challenge this year with 3 cars.
B-MAX will bring 1 car for rookie testing after Rd.7 Suzuka.
But not confirms about team detail such as engine makes and driver.
B-MAX has close relationship with Nissan NDDP, so Nissan drivers also have a chance.



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