Super Formula testing topic:B-MAX Racing, new tyre, Kobayashi, Gasly

News from Suzuka

Some interesting news and topic are Suzuka’s paddock.
・B-MAX Racing explains team plan
Japanese F3 front runner B-MAX Racing Team step up to Super Formula next season.
B-MAX Racing boss Ryuji Kumita responded press conference.
[Why decide to contests Super Formula?]
”Our main target is winning Macau GP and contests Japanese top category. This year B-MAX takes team title in Japanese F3 first time. Due to certain achievements I decided to participate to Super Formula next year”.
[Who will driver B-MAX next year?]
“It is not undecided. This time Takashi Kogure was recommended by Honda. He has many experience about Super Formula and SF14.
And Daiki Sasaki is B-MAX relation driver, who driver F3 and GT300 with B-MAX.
So There is a possibility that totally different drivers will ride in the next year.”

In addition 2016 Japanese F3 2nd finisher Jan Mardenborough admit, target to ride Super Formula next year.

[What is the plan of the team?]
“Will be 1 car enter next year. And team is mainly composed by F3 member.
And we will continue to F3 program and Super GT.”
・New spec tyre
Yokohama tyre introduce new specs tyre for this testing. New one is better grip and more easy to handle. Almost driver got a good feeling.
But new one is proto type model. So Yokohama will development this tyre for next year.
・Kobayashi try to another team
WEC ace Kamui Kobayashi ride KCMG for this time. It was the purpose was to experience the other team’s machines.It is imagined that this slump in this season is affected.
Kobayashi feels defferent feeling, but not so bad feeling.
・No Gasly for this time
Red bull jr driver and GP2 driver Pierre Gasly rumors come to Japan next year. Some source says, Gasly will be stay with Red Bull jr and F1 test driver. And to contests Super Formula with Honda engine team. But Gasly didn’t coming this testing due to crash date with GP2 Abu Dhabi GP.
Many young driver to contests GP2 and GP3 will not able to coming Suzuka.
So still many parts are invisible for silly season.



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