Festival in Japan: Kobayashi breaks Tsukuba record, Button try GT500 in Motegi.

Still hot season in Japan
Speed and Sound trophy(SST) held at Tsukuba circuit.
Tsukuba circuit is the most famous mini circuit in Japan. SST’s most topic is time trial with Super Formula SF14.
Last year, WEC ace and Super Formula driver Kamui Kobayashi score new circuit record.
Following last year this challenge continue this year.
Toyota Gazoo Racing and TRD bringing SF14 Toyota test car. And Yokohama tyre bringing soft tyre. And Kamui Kobayashi continue ride SF14.

Kobayashi has 3 time chance in this challenge. But Kobayashi shows great performance in first session and break last years record 43.966sec.
Finally Kobayashi sets more faster time final session with amazingly 43.304! It is unofficial circuit record for Tsukuba circuit.
And interesting info in this challenge. Machine is Toyota owns test car, but KCMG team prepare the SF14. Kobayashi raced with Team LeMans this year, but latest testing in November Kobayashi worked with KCMG team.
So it might be a hint for next year.
Honda’s special event ”Honda Racing Thanks Day” held at Twin Ring Motegi today.
F1 and MotoGP and Japanese race man collected in Motegi.
Many special event shows. Especially, driver shuffle between F1 driver and Moto GP rider.
Jenson Button ride first time Super GT GT500 NSX. And Moto GP ace Dani Pedrosa debut GT500 NSX.
In addition, Mclaren F1 driver Fernando Alonso ride RC213V following last year.
And final run for Stoffel Vandoorne with Super Formula SF14.

Photo and source from autosport web



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