Super Formula escape date crash with WEC.

Good move
JRP (Super Formula organizer) has revealed confirmed version Super Formula 2017 schedule.
In the provisional schedule,3 date crash with FIA WEC.
But Super Formula confront date crash with FIA WEC recently year. As the main cause, Japanese race series  are have to submit the schedule early.
For that reason, they are waiting the official date of FIA race series.

Race schedule
Rd.1 Suzuka 2&4 race   April 22/23
Rd.2 Okayama       May 27/28
Rd.3 Fuji         July 8/9
Rd.4 Motegi 2&4 race  August 19/20
Rd.5 Autopolis      September 9/10
Rd.6 SUGO       September 23/24
Rd.7 JAF Suzuka GP   October 21/22

Off season testing schedule
Suzuka  March 6/7
Fuji     March 31/ April 1st
Some driver who contests both Super Formula and WEC, they can comit full season campaign both category. But unfortunately both testing WEC prologue and SF Suzuka testing will crash due to recently date change of WEC prologue.



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