Super Formula 2017 silly season part 1

Coming some rumor

Japanese Motorsports information source Auto sport magazine reveals first rumor of Super Formula 2017 season.

・Toyota engine team
Double champion P.MU Cermo・Inging is only team of no driver change in Toyota powered team.
Kondo Racing will be appoint at least one Japanese F3 champion. In some cases both Japanese F3 champion team up in Kondo Racing.
2nd of Super GT GT500 2016, Kazuya Oshima will be comeback to Top Formula, with Team LeMans. 2016 Driver Kamui Kobayashi will move from LeMans to KCMG.
Surprise news from Team IMPUL, long time IMPUL ace J.P.Oliveira will drop from #19 seat due to last year’s slump. So IMPUL’s one of seat is hot spot.
Super Formula’s one of legend Andre Lotterer may leave from Japan.
Lotterer moves Audi to Porsche this year’s WEC campaign. So uncertain about future activities.
In such situation, strong single seater driver links to drive Super Formula.  2 time Macau GP winner Antonio Felix da Costa contacted by Japanese race team. Da Costa focus to Formula E driver this season, but Formula E and Super Formula has no date crash.
And Da Costa’s manager doesn’t deny this rumor according to sportmotores.
・Honda enigne team
Last year big impact of Stoffel Vandoorne drive Super Formula, but 2016 GP2 champion follow to Vandoorne. Red Bull junior Pierre Gasly could run in Japan.
Red Bull talks to some Honda team for this year. Nakajima Racing and Team Mugen are most possible candidate. Anyway Red Bull lively car will run this season.
Real Racing will down to one car entry with Koudai Tsukakoshi.
New entrant B-Max Racing gets Honda power. So difficult to pick driver.
B-Max is strong relationship with Nissan, but there will also be recommendations from engine supplier. So Many candidates are listed.

Despite being announced in January, it is still an uncertain off season.

Red:Certainty Blue:Potential candidates Black:Rumor

#1 Yuji Kunimoto              #2 Hiroaki Ishiura

Kondo Racing       (Toyota)
#3 Kenta Yamashita/ James Rositter     #4 Nick Cassidy/ William Buller

SUNOCO Team LeMans   (Toyota)
#7 Kazuya Oshima             #8 Kamui Kobayashi/ Another Foreigner

Real Racing         (Honda) ※Will be one car
#10 Koudai Tsukakoshi           #11 ?

Team Mugen        (Honda) ※Will be comback two car team
#15 Pierre Gasly               #16 Naoki Yamamoto

KCMG            (Toyota)
#18 Kamui Kobayashi

#19 Yuhi Sekiguchi              #20 ?

VANTELIN Team TOM’s   (Toyota)
#36 Andre Lotterer /Antonio Felix da Costa  #37 Kazuki Nakajima

Docomo Team Dandelion   (Honda)
#40 Tomoki Nojiri             #41 Takuya Izawa

B-Max Racing Team     (Honda)
#50 Daiki Sasaki/ Jan Mardenborough/ Takashi Kogure

Nakajima Racing       (Honda)
#64 Daisuke Nakajima           #65 Bertrand Baguette/ Narain Karthikeyan/Pierre Gasly


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