Super GT GT500 2017 silly season part 1

Almost decided

Japanese Motorsports information source Auto sport magazine reveals rumor of Super GT GT500 2017 lineup.
2016 defending champion TEAM SARD will not change combination Hirate and Kovalainen.
LEXUS guys almost same lineup to last year, but big news WEC and Super Formula ace Kazuki Nakajima return to GT500 with TOM’s.
But WEC and Super GT are date crashes. So Kauzki will be miss Rd.2 Fuji.

Autosport report any team gets Red Bull sponsored. Most potential candidate is #37 TOM’s. Because #37 driver Ryo Hirakwa joins Red Bull athlete this year.
Distressful 2016 season for Honda with no wins. And Drago Modulo withdrew end of last year. So returner TEAM MUGEN replace to Drago.
MUGEN return to GT500 since 2003. MUGEN has choose Yokohama tyre and former driver combination Hideki Mutoh and Daisuke Nakajima.
Former ARTA driver Kousuke Matuura move to Nakaijma Racing replace to Daisuke Nakajima. ARTA will promote GT300 runner and former GT500 Takashi Kobayashi.
F1 star Jenson Button seems to joins Team Kunimitsu’s 3rd driver for Suzuka 1000km race.
Missing title of 3 consecutive years champion, but not change combination of #23 NISMO.
But surprised change for TEAM IMPUL. Long time IMPUL ace J.P.Oliveira out from IMPUL, and move to former team Kondo Racing.
GT Academy ace Jan Mardenborough might step up from GT300 to GT500 with IMPUL.
And MOLA consider to change tyre supplier. Rumor says Dunlop may increase supply more 1 team.

Red:Certainty Blue:Potential candidates Black:Rumor
BS=Bridgetsone YH=Yokohama MI=Michelin DL=Dunlop

#1 LEXUS TEAM SARD         [LC500 GT500]    [BS]
Kouhei Hirate        Heikki Kovalainen

#6 LEXUS TEAM LEMANS WAKO’s   [LC500 GT500]    [BS]
Kazuya Ohsima        Andrea Cardarelli

#8 ARTA                [NSX-GT]       [BS]
Tomoki Nojiri        Takashi Kobayashi

#12 TEAM IMPUL             [GT-R NISMO GT500]  [BS]
Hironobu Yasuda      Jan Mardenborough

#16 TEAM MUGEN           [NSX-GT]      [YH]
Hideki Mutoh        Daisuke Nakajima

#17 KEIHIN REAL RACIGN       [NSX-GT]       [BS]
Koudai Tsukakoshi      Takashi Kogure

#19 LEXUS TEAM WedsSport BANDOH [LC500 GT500]    [YH]
Yuhi Sekiguchi        Yuji Kunimoto

#23 NISMO                [GT-R NISMO GT500]  [MI]
Tsugio Matsuda       Ronie Quintarelli

#24 KONDO RACING          [GT-R NISMO GT500] [YH]
Daiki Sasaki         J.P.Oliveira

#36 LEXUS TEAM TOM’s        [LC500 GT500]    [BS]
Daisuke Ito/ Kazuki Nakajima Nick Cassidy

#37 LEXUS TEAM TOM’s        [LC500 GT500]   [BS]
James Rossiter        Ryo Hirakawa

#38 LEXUS TEAM ZENT CERMO     [LC500 GT500]    [BS]
Yuji Tachikawa        Hiroaki Ishiura

#46 MOLA               [GT-R NISMO GT500]  [DL or MI]
Satoshi Motoyama       Katsumasa Chiyo

#64 NAKAJIMA RACING        [NSX-GT]       [DL]
Kousuke Matsuura      Bertand Baguette

#100 TEAM KUNIMITSU       [NSX-GT]       [BS]
Naoki Yamamoto       Takuya Izawa    (Jenson Button)


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