GT300 silly season update: Mark X MC, Subaru、RC F GT3, AMG+BS

Continue chaos this year.
Many interesting news coming early this year.
Biggest news is new Mother chassis based car coming. Super Taikyu regular Toyota’s dealer team Saitama Toyopet Green Brave step up to GT300.
Green Brave introduce all new Mark X MC. 3rd machine of mother chassis based car. Mark X is mid size sedan and only in Japan model.
Mark X MC powered by GTA badge engine (Nissan VK45) and Yokohama tyre.
Former GT300 champion Taku Bamba and Saitama Toyopet’s senior managing director Takayuki Hiranuma nominate for driver.

Subaru has announces 2017 motorsport activity. Subaru continue participate to GT300.
BRZ GT300 continue EJ20 turbo engine and Dunlop tyre. No change for 2 driver Takuto Iguchi and Hideki Yamauchi.

Lexus Gazoo Racing reveals all new RC F GT3 MY17.
RC F GT3 enter to American WeatherTech SportsCar with 3GT Racing and Super GT GT300 with LM Corsa this season.
MY17 RC F GT3 debut at Daytona 24 hours later this month.

Press release 

K2 R&D LEON RACING reveals 2017 lively and lineup.
No changes driver Haruki Kurosawa and Naoya Gamo. And use Mercedes AMG GT GT3.
But big change is switch tyre supplier Yokohama to Bridgestone.
First time to set Bridgestone with AMG GT GT3.


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