45 cars field for 2017 Super GT season.

Very attractive entry
・15 GT500 team
Already 3 GT500 manufacturer announced GT500 lineup.
Rookie is only GT300 and Japanese F3 race winner Jan Mardenborough (Team IMPUL).And 2 returner, former GT300 man Takashi Kobayashi (ARTA) and Super Formula/WEC ace Kazuki Nakajima (au Team TOM’s).
・30 GT300 team
At first biggest news for GT300, Bentley Continental GT3 coming first time in GT300 class. Former F1 driver Yuji Ide and Ryohei Sakaguchi ride British GT3 machine.
And surprised see, ARTA appointed former RJN Nissan driver Sean Walkinshaw. He is son of Tom Walkinshaw.
New package for Arnage Racing. Arnage tag with Inging and runs Ferrari 488 GT3.
Same driver lineup from last years LM Corsa #51.
Former UP Garage Bandoh driver Shinnosuke Yamda moves to TAISAN SARD.
His team mate is still TBA.

Unfortunate news for Lamborghini. Team DIRECTION withdrew from GT300 entry. And  There are rumors that the company itself went bankrupt.

GT500 entry list
GT300 entry list



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