Super Formula reveals 2017 season outline

How exciting this year?

JRP held series outline announcement at Suzuka fan festival.
・Race schedule and format
Rd.1 April 22-23    Suzuka circult          200km
Rd.2 May 27-28     Okayama International circuit   2 race
Rd.3 July 8-9      Fuji Speed way           250km
Rd.4 August 19-20   Twin Ring Motegi         250km
Rd.5 September 9-10  Autopolis            250km
Rd.6 September 23-24  Sportland SUGO         260km
Rd.7 October 21-22   Suzuka circuit (JAF SuzukaGP)  2 race
Autoplis return to Super Formula shedule after huge earthquake last year. And Okayama will be 2 race format. All qulify session is knock out format. More detail follow soon.
・Update for SF14
First time update for SF14 chassis. All team will use new design side pontoon and bigger chimney. And optimize placement of turbo and intercooler. So both change will effect power up.

・Yokohama Tyre development
JRP president Kurashita admit, will return 2 spec tyre for this season for some selected race.

・Free broadcasting in Japan
Big news for Japanese fan. Fuji TV start free live broadcasting on BS Fuji this year. It is big thing in Japan, because that is only free live broadcasting about Motorsports. Even F1 and Super GT have no free live broadcast now.
・5 super rookies
In this year 5 super rookies coming Super Formula.
2016 GP2 champion and Red Bull reserve Pierre Gasly, 2 time Macau GP and current Formula E ruuner Felix Rosenqvist, 2015 Japanese F3 champ Nick Cassidy, 2016 Japanese F3 champ Kenta Yamashita, Nissan protege and 2nd of Japanese F3 2016 Jan Mardenborough. 

Driver lineup  (Experienced champion=Red Rookie=Blue)
#1 Yuji Kunimoto              #2 Hiroaki Ishiura

Kondo Racing       (Toyota)
#3 Nick Cassidy               #4 Kenta Yamashita

SUNOCO Team LeMans   (Toyota)
#7 Felix Rosenqvist              #8 Kazuya Oshima

Real Racing         (Honda)
#10 Koudai Tsukakoshi

Team Mugen        (Honda)
#15 Pierre Gasly                #16 Naoki Yamamoto

KCMG            (Toyota)
#18 Kamui Kobayashi

#19 Yuhi Sekiguchi             #20 Jan Mardenborough

VANTELIN Team TOM’s   (Toyota)
#36 Andre Lotterer             #37 Kazuki Nakajima

Docomo Team Dandelion   (Honda)
#40 Tomoki Nojiri             #41 Takuya Izawa

B-Max Racing Team     (Honda)
#50 Takashi Kogure

Nakajima Racing       (Honda)
#64 Daisuke Nakajima           #65 Narain Karthikeyan

Media release


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