Super Formula Suzuka testing Day1:Lotterer into first time 1:35 sec!

It is ”Super” Formula
After Suzuka Fan festival, Super Formula 2017 first official testing at Suzuka has started.
All 19 drivers sets this testing.
But rookie Kenta Yamashita (Kondo Racing) miss to run DAY1 due to sick condition.
In morning session, many red flag shows.
First man is Jan Mardenborough (ITOCH Team IMPUL) spun out S curve. Every driver sets 37 sec stand early of session.
After 1 hour, returner Kazuya Oshima (SUNOCO Team LeMans) crash at Degner2. In addition Mardenborough crash again at Dunlop.
Last of morning session, Yuhi Sekiguchi (ITOCHU ENEX Team IMPUL) sets fastest time 1:36.549.
In afternoon session, continue dry condition.
Almost driver try to setup run and no big improve.  After the 1 hour, super rookie Pierre Gasly (Team Mugen) sets new tyre and goes 1:36.946.
Immediately after that little rain failing. But it is not last long.
Difficult morning, but Jan Mardenborough coming gets good felling and sets 1:36.936.
Final 10 min, they try to qualifying simulation. Super Formula legend Andre Lotterer (Vantelin Team TOM’s) sets surprised 1:35.657.
It is first time to into 1:35 sec for Super Formula history.
His team mate Kazuki Nakajima (Vantelin Team TOM’s) is 2nd. 3rd is 2015 champion Hiroaki Ishiura (P.MU Cermo/Inging).
Top of Honda man and awesome adaptability for Pierre Gasly (Team Mugen) is 4th.
Defending champion Yuji Kunimoto (P.MU Cermo/Inging) is 6th.

Testing continue tomorrow, but Kamui Kobayashi (KCMG) will be missed out due to join WEC Toyota private testing.

Result of Day1


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