JF3 Suzuka testing:Alex Palou shines first time Suzuka!

New star coming?
01 (3)
Japanese F3 2017 first time official testing held at Suzuka circuit.
19 cars appeared this testing.
・F317 and new engine
It is first time testing under 2017 new regulation machine. All C class machine introduce F317 or update kit for F312 series.
And big news for Japanese F3, 2 new engine manufacturer coming.
Japanese engine makes ThreeBond-Tomei return to local field with WTCC driver Ryo Michigami lead Drago Corse.
06 (1)
In addition, 2015 F3-N champion Yoshiaki Katayama (OIC RC) and 2016 FIA-F4 Chinese champion Bruno Carneiro (Arbirex Racing Team) bringing Mercedes engine.

In 1st day, 3rd of 2016 Japanese F3 Sho Tsuboi (Team TOM’s) sets fastest for 2017 first session.Nissan protege Mitsunori Takaboshi (B-Max Racing Team with NDDP) is 2nd.
3rd is 2016 FIA-F4 Japan champion Ritomo Miyata (Team TOM’s).
In 2nd day, former GP3 racer Alex Palou (ThreeBond with Drago Corse) shows his speed and capacity to adapt.
Finally Palou sets overall fastest time 1:50.307 for the first time run Suzuka circuit.
Palou is not confirm official driver for ThreeBond with Drago Corse, but team adviser Ryo Michigami says ”Alex is very fast and has good capacity to adapt. So he will be our driver.”

2nd is same rookie Ritomo Miyata (Team TOM’s), 3rd is Sho Tsuboi (Team TOM’s).

Next testing will held Fuji March 15th.

Overall results




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