Super Formula Suzuka testing Day2:Lotterer sets shocked fastest time!

Going to next level
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Very cold condition 2nd day of Super Formula official testing at Suzuka international circuit. In morning session, they tried many test menu.
1st red flag shows first 10 min, returner Kazuya Oshima (SUNOCO Team LeMans) off at hairpin. Next red flag is Day 1’s fastest man Andre Lotterer (Vantelin Team TOM’s) crashed at Dunlop curve.
After the red flag, no big accident and continue without confusion. Many driver plan to set new tyre for final 10 min, but bit rain fall and coming semi wet condition. So Kazuki Nakajima (Vantelin Team TOM’s) scored  before rain 1:36.608. It is fastest time at morning session.

In afternoon session, between morning and afternoon,  Japanese F3 testing session has done. So condition was became dry again.
First 30 min, red flag shows due to Tomoki Nojiri off at hairpin. Because Naoki Yamamoto (Team Mugen) suffered oil leak. So covered with oil on the course.
For that reason, need to process oil.

Least 40 min, Takuya Izawa (Docomo Team Dandelion) into 1:36 sec. In such a situation, Jan Mardenborough (ITOCHU ENEX Team IMPUL) spun.
After the red flag, defending champion Yuji Kunimoto (P.MU Cermo/Inging) into 1:35 sec.
Final 8 min, all driver try to qualifying simulation.
Day1’s fastest man Andre Lotterer (Vantelin Team TOM’s) again mega attack and sets 1:35.163!! It was overall fastest time this Suzuka testing.
And that time is unofficial record time for Japanese top formula.
2nd is long time his team mate Kazuki Nakajima (Vantelin Team TOM’s).
3rd is surprised capacity to adapt for GP2 champ Pierre Gasly (Team Mugen).
4th is defending champion Yuji Kunimoto (P.MU Cermo/Inging),
5th is great performance of rookie Nick Cassidy (Kondo Racing).
Another rookie Felix Rosenqvist (SUNOCO Team LeMans) is 11th, recovery from ill Kenta Yamashita (Kondo Racing) 15th, Jan Mardenborough (ITOCHU ENEX Team IMPUL) is 16th.

2nd Officila testing is plan to Fuji March 31-April 1st. Many driver miss this testing due to crash between WEC prologue and Formula E race.

Day2 results
Overall resutls

Onboard lap of Pierre Gasly



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