TOM’s dominate final off season testing in Fuji!

Looks like TOM’s year ?

2017 final off season testing held at Fuji.
5 drivers miss this testing due to schedule crash between WEC Prologue and Formula E. Change driver list.
So cold condition in Fuji air temp 9℃/ road temp 10℃.
They shows fastest pace in early of session. Sub for Andre Lotterer, J.P.Oliveira (Vantelin Team TOM’s) into first 1:22sec first 40 min.
After that Tomoki Nojiri (Docomo Team Dandelion) stop at hairpin. And shows red flag.
Session restart after the red flag, Pierre Gasly (Team Mugen) marks continuous lap 1:22sec.
But J.P.Oliveira beat Gasly’s time and sets fastest time 1:22.122.
Three minutes later Narain Karthikeyan (TCS Nakajima Racing) spun out at TGR corner. From around here strong rain fall.
So they can’t improved the time and ended morring session.
In afternoon session, condition turns full wet.
But lots of water on the circuit. So they were stay in the pit garage.
Final 30min, condition turns well and many driver start running.
Yuhi Sekiguchi (ITOCHU ENEX Team IMPUL) sets top time 1:48.988.  Last 1min, Naoki Yamamoto (Team Mugen) crashed out at Toyopet 100R.
This crash caused the session to end.
Unbelievable fall snow at Fuji Speed Way Day1 night. To be remembered recently Super GT Fuji testing. So morring session cancelled.
In afternoon, condition turns well and able to running.
So organizer decided to extend session time.

Early of session, still wet patches are mixed difficult condition. Koudai Tsukakoshi (Real Racing) was first man to set slick tyre. But Tsukakoshi stop at hairpin due to sensor problem. It cause red flag.
After 35 minutes, many driver try to sets slick tyre.
Mid of session, light rain falls. But not big damage for road condition.
Final 30min, they try to sets new tyre for qualifying simulation.
Many driver improves time.
J.P.Oliveira (Vantelin Team TOM’s) goes to 1:21sec first time. But Toyota Gazoo Racing reserve driver Ryo Hirakawa (Vantelin Team TOM’s) sets 1:21.628 and beat Oliveira’s time.
01 (2)
Finally Hirakawa is fastest man 2 days Fuji testing. Hirakawa is replacement to Kazuki Nakaijma. He shows fantastic performance and his talent.
2nd is J.P.Oliveira (Vantelin Team TOM’s),
3rd is continue fastest in Honda Pierre Gasly (Team Mugen). 4th is same rookie Jan Mardenborough (ITOCHU ENEX Team IMPUL).
5th is come back top group Naoki Yamamoto (Team Mugen).
Fastest driver/team director Yuji Tachikawa (P.MU Cermo/Inging) ended 16th. And P.MU Cermo/Inging bringing testing only black livery.

All off season testing is done. Opening round kick off NGK 2&4 race will April 22-23 Suzuka circuit.



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