NTT group and Dandelion joins force for experiment to measure biological information.

It’s an interesting experiment.
Japanese Telecommunications carrier NTT group and Dandelion Racing has announces start new project today.
NTT DOCOMO, NTT DATE, NTT and Dandelion Racing are starts joint demonstration experiment to measure biological information of driver.
This project uses new bio-electrode conductive fiber hitoe®.
Driver wears hitoe based underwear, and measure biological information such as driver’s electrocardiogram waveform, heart rate, upper arm and chest EMG with that wear.
In addition, Analyze data such as speed, acceleration, engine speed, brake pressure etc. measured by the in-vehicle sensor, and onboard camera.
By gathering these information, will verify the relationship between the physical condition of the driver driving in the extreme state and the driving situation and use it for management of the driver and examination of the training menu etc.
Same experiment has benn done in America. NTT DATE and Chip Ganassi Racing.
DOCOMO and Dandelion are long partner since 1993 in Formula 3, and 18 years in Japanese top formula.
And NTT and DOCOMO has been experimenting, using formula car.
For example, Incorporate mobile phone system into machine and it use team radio. And test secure stable communication in the speed range of the racing car.



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