Super Formula Rd.2 race2:Sekiguchi wins tough time race!

Makes revenge.
・Race 2 qualifying (Q1 and Q2)
Day2 for Rd.2 Okayama is 2 session QF and 50 laps race.
In 20min Q1, first 10min they try to check the car balance. Final 7min, all driver sets new tyre and into track. Kamui Kobayashi (KCMG) up to 1st position. And many driver try to improve time. At that timing, Nick Cassidy (Kondo Racing) crashed out at turn 2. So red flag shows last 1min.
Race director sets 2min 30sec for remaining time.
After the red flag, difficult only 1 lap battle, but Lotterer, Sekiguchi, Izawa jump up from knock out zone to Q2.
Defending champion Yuji Kunimoto (P.MU/Cermo・Inging) and 3rd in Rd.1 Naoki Yamamoto (Team Mugen) knock out.
In Q2, into track last 7min, but they slowly tire warm up. So last 3min for last attack.
2017 Japanese F3 champ Kenta Yamashita (Kondo Racing) sets 1:14.104 and goes 1st. But Okayama mister Hiroaki Ishiura (P.MU/Cermo・Inging) beat Yamashita and gets pole position. 2nd is impressive driver for Kenta Yamashita (Kondo Racing).
3rd is Yuhi Sekiguchi (ITOCHU ENEX Team IMPUL).

Race 2 qualifying results

・Race 2
Race 2 is 50laps and they need to change 4 tyre in this race.
Very hot condition, air temp 27℃, road temp 47℃.
In start, pole sitter Hiroaki Ishiura makes hole shot and keep 1st. And Kenta Yamashita hold 2nd position.
After the lap1, 8 drivers into pit and change tyre.
Surprised to see, running 3rd in opening lap Yuhi Sekiguchi (ITOCHU ENEX Team IMPUL) finished pit duty.
Time competition began between the group that pitted and guys stayed out.
Sekiguchi pushed hard and keep running high pace. So Ishiura expand the gap behind 2nd Yamashita.
But Sekiguchi shows better pace than Ishiura.

In mid group, 2 time Macau GP winner Felix Rosenqvist (SUNOCO Team LeMans) shine and shows as same pace as top group.
Lap31 Yamashita into the pit, Lap34, race leader Hiroaki Ishiura into pit. In this timing Sekiguchi pass to Ishiura. And big gap about 9sec.

But accident for Takuya Izawa (Docomo Team Dandelion). Izawa crashed out at turn 2. So SC introduce.In this timing Rosenqvist into pit and return to track with 4th.
Last 8 laps, restart the race.
With fresh tyre, Ishiura try to catch up Sekiguchi, same situation in battle for 3rd Lotterer and Rosenqvist.
But they can’t overtaking both guys, so Yuhi Sekiguchi (ITOCHU ENEX Team IMPUL) wins first time 2017 season. 2nd is Hiroaki Ishiura (P.MU/Cermo・Inging).
Race 1 winner Andre Lotterer (Vantelin Team TOM’s) hold P3.
Biggest mover and shows his talent Felix Rosenqvist (SUNOCO Team LeMans) finish 4th.
Continue gets point for Kamui Kobayashi (KCMG) is 5th, frustrating race for Kenta Yamashita (Kondo Racing) 2nd to 6th.

Race 2 results



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