Super Formula:Yokohama introduce 2 spec compound tyre for next 2 race.

More exciting race!

Super Formula organizer JRP reveals 2 spec tyre regulation for next 2 race.
2017 regular spec tyre is called medium, additional soft compound spec called soft tyre.
This try continue to last year’s Rd.4 Motegi. But 2016 spec soft tyre wasn’t as much work as expected.
So official tyre supplier Yokohama Tyre introduce update version Rd.4 Motegi and comeback after the huge earthquake Rd.5 Autopolis.

2017 spec soft tyre target more degradation and more grip.
New spec soft tyre faster than 2016 spec around 0.5~0.8 sec at SUGO engine makes testing in June. And tyre range will be around 150km.
Regular medium tyre is not big degradation and no need change tyre 1 race.
In Rd.4 and Rd.5, all driver must use 2 spec tyre in the each race.
At Autopolis international circuit, JRP held Super Formula engine makes testing 18/19 July.  This testing’s main task is final check of 2017 spec soft tyre.
As usual, both Toyota and Honda bringing each of test car.
ITOCHU ENEX Team IMPUL operate Toyota test car #00, Yuhi Sekiguchi and Jan Mardenborogh.
Team Mugen oparate Honda test car #05, Naoki Yamamoto and Pierre Gasly.
Gasly has coming Autopolis after the debut Formula E race at NY.
Unfortunately, rain fall 2 days testing. But in Day2 afternoon, they could check tyre.



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