Oshima replace injured Kazuki Nakajima for Super Formula Rd.2

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Super Formula revealed Rd.2 entrylist.

The entry number does not change. But big change in Petronas TOM’s #1.
2014 series champion Kazuki Nakajima injured at WEC 6H of Spa. Kazuki leaving from hospital recent. And start rehabilitation for return racing. But Kazuki miss Super Formula Rd.2 next weekend. So Kazuki target to Le Mans test day and Le Mans 24h.

Petronas TOM’s choose another driver for Rd.2. Some media and fan rumored NISMO works driver and 2time-Formula Nippon champ Tsugio Matsuda join. Because Matsuda tested TOM’s at Okayama pre season testing. But difficult to race with TOM’s due to NISMO’s contract.
So TOM’s appointment Kazuya Oshima. Oshima is former Formula Nippon race winner at SUGO 2010. And now Super GT Team LeMans driver. Oshima is good talent driver, but he lost Super Formula seat since 2012 due to lack of funds.
He tested SF14 at Fuji last summer with engine test car #00. And Oshima contests Nurburgring 24h with Toyota Gazoo Racing LFA code-X this weekend.
Super Formula Rd.2 Okayama Official Entry list




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